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Deliciousness in Food Industry with 3D printers


The famous Italian restaurant Ribalta will install a Beehex 3D printer in to their food chain.

This new chef is capable of making a pizza in 60 seconds. Owner of the company Cozzolino said : “We are excited to be working with such an inventive and forward-thinking company, I am looking forward to using my experience in the culinary industry to create a pizza that can be 3D printed without sacrificing quality ingredients and taste.”

Here is the story of Beehex 3D printer

    2. Food Ink

A new concept restaurant, Food Ink., is launching its entirely 3D printed menu. In this restaurant even the furnitures are 3D printed as cutlery,vases, art and lighting. When you book dinner in the restaurant you can also enjoy virtual reality headsets, wall-to-wall projections and even music composed by artificial intelligence. But you have to pay £250 pp.

    3. Choc Edge

If you don't want to pay £250 per head don't feel bad. You also have an option of the Choc Edge where you can print your own home printed chocolate ! Customers who have Android tablets can design and print the shape they want through wifi.

To make it easier to create designs such as portraits it is possible to add semi-transparent background images to make tracing easy.

    4. XOCO

With XOCO you can have your customised objects printed with chocolate. But unfortunately, it is still in development process. They designed a product that fits in to restaurant environment.


Italian pasta maker Barilla decided to take an innovative step in production. TNO, the Dutch research center, and Barilla are working together to create wild forms of pasta. The printer has a capability of printing any shapes that you can imagine. It is currently printing 4 pasta pieces in 2 minutes.

“The printer makes unique creations because these are miniaturized forms that cannot be obtained with traditional production methods,” added Fabrizio Cassotta, Innovation Pasta Ready Meals and Smart Food Manager.

And good news they are considering future scenarios that will allow you to make your own pasta at home.

    6. Katjes

German candy maker Katjes offering you 3D printed gummies. Magic Candy Factory, what they call their 3D printer, will print your customised gummies in 5 minutes, in Grün-Ohr café,Berlin.

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