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Why I got into Bioprinting...

Very occasionally I get asked what inspired me to get into bioprinting? 

Well there are a few reasons behind it and they all combined together to give me my motivation.

During my time at a University while studying for my masters in nanobioscience, some of my more favourite subjects included biomimicry and nano materials and we touched on the topic of tissue engineering... stem cells and ecm's (extra cellar matrix) and this rather intrigued me.

Prior to this, I had also discovered I was infertile... and of course I was very upset, so I went off to investigate the reasons behind it and discovered I had a 'dsd' (difference of sexual differentiation) or intersex. I had been operated on as a child and teenager and never knew the reasons why I looked the way I did.  Of course on finding this out, it made me even more angry and so I wanted to find a way to repair my body or give me back my choices and to provide the same for others like me. 

Subsequently i've learnt that human biology is not black or white, male or female, its far more complex and far more interesting. I've learnt a lot however I have a lot more to learn!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

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